Pre-Construction Services

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Our estimators utilizes up to date technology as one of our pre-construction services in order to prepare our construction estimates. Our database comprises of many items we typically incorporate into our projects with the most up to date and competitive prices available to date. This ensures that our estimates are accurate, even at the preliminary budgeting stage of a project.

Design Consultation

We can work closely with your Architect, Engineer or other design professional in the early stages of a project to offer suggestions on materials and methods to optimize the economic value of the project.

Value Engineering

When we are working with a completed design we can often offer alternative materials and/or methods of construction to insure economic save that will benefit the Owner and total project cost.


Lastly, as part of our pre-construction services, we can handle all phases of the permitting process, from initial applications and filings with Governmental agencies to applications for approval through Homeowners & Condo Associations.